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Artist Statement

No matter the ups and downs in this life’s journey, I have always found myself through colour. 


My introduction to sketches, designs, and creativity came by watching my father make art through his work as a woodcarver. growing up, I would draw anywhere I could—paper, sand, rocks, empty street walls.  My heart grew fond of these shapes, stick figures, plants, and animals that I was creating. 


The poverty that my parents experienced made it difficult for them to accept my love for art. The more I withdrew from the expectations of school and my parents, the deeper I got into my imaginative worlds. The more silent I became, the more expressive I am with my paintbrushes. 


As an adult, my life’s purpose have become more clear and vivid than ever. It is to capture the colours of wonderful moments, To see a smile on a face and to be a voice for the unheard through this beautiful universal language called art.    

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